Breast lift/Uplift surgery (mastopexy)

Breast lift (mastopexy) is usually performed for drooping breasts, which may occur after a woman has had children. A breast lift is a procedure where patients have sufficient breast volume or breast tissue and just notice that the breast is sagging. What that means is they have excessive skin. A breast lift involves removing the skin and not removing any of the breast volume. This is different than a breast reduction, where both breast skin and breast tissue are removed.


Breast lift procedure is performed by removing skin and not removing any breast tissue. How much skin you have will determine exactly how the incision is going to be performed by a plastic surgeon. There are three different types of incisions that are used for breast lifts and these are similar to the breast reduction. If you have a small amount that needs to be removed you can have an incision that either is partially in your nipple or surrounding your nipple. For more skin, you may have what we call a lollipop incision around the nipple and then straight down. If you have significant amount of skin, you may require the classic breast lift or mastopexy incision which is around the nipple, straight down and then in the inframammary or breast crease.

Risk and complications

  1. The concerns regarding breast lifts are, firstly, scarring: Where those incisions are going to be made and what the scars will look like.
  2. With a breast lift, the scars can usually be held to a minimum, if there is an excess of skin.
  3. Other complications and concerns with breast lifts include asymmetry, or making sure that both the breasts look roughly the same in size.
  4. Other concerns include nipple or partial skin loss, which is usually treated conservatively without further surgery.

List of potential benefits associated with breast lift surgery

  1. Through the improvement of appearance of drooping or sagging (ptosis) breast by means of a surgery, you are able to end up with a more vibrant and youthful appearance.
  2. The most obvious benefits associated with breast lifts is an emotional well-being benefit in which most, if not all women who undergo the procedure will end up with improved self esteem as a result.
  3. The benefits of cosmetic surgical procedures such as the breast lift are there to help women fight the effects of gravity, aging and damage with a more youthful appearance as one of each and every procedure's top benefits.

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