Liposuction surgery improves the look of the body's shape; many women who have liposuction report feeling more self-confident.

Liposuction is a surgery that is designed to improve the contours of the body through the removal of extra fat found in the deposits between the skin and muscles.

During liposuction surgery, a stainless steel tube is connected to a suction pump. This device is inserted into fat cells via a small incision; the steel tube and suction pump create a small tunnel through the layers of fat. After the liposuction surgery is complete, these tunnels collapse, improving the overall shape of the body.

A liposuction surgery can be performed on several parts of the body including:

  • inner and outer thighs
  • legs
  • abdomen
  • arms
  • buttocks
  • face
  • neck


Liposuction surgery improves the look of the body's shape; many women who have liposuction report feeling more self-confident. The effects of liposuction surgery are generally long-term; fat cells that are removed generally do not grow back. However, new fat cells can develop, as is often the case with aging. Also, while liposuction helps to improve a woman's overall body shape, it does not improve the quality of her skin. Therefore, liposuction is not recommended for improving the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks. Some experts believe that having liposuction surgery is more effective in improving one's appearance than a tummy tuck.

Types of procedures

There are a variety of different liposuction surgeries from which to choose.

In laser liposuction, a fairly new process, a laser is used to liquefy fat before it is removed, making the removal process of the surgery easier.

In tumescent liposuction, areas of fat are injected with an anesthetic liquid prior to surgery. This type of liposuction surgery reduces the risk of bruising and swelling.

Ultrasonic liposuction uses high frequency sound waves and mechanical vibrations along with a stainless steel tube, which is inserted into the skin or on top of it in order to liquefy fat. Surgery then follows. This type of liposuction is no longer very common, however, as it is not considered very effective.

Liposuction and pregnancy

Liposuction can help reduce excess fat in the abdominal area associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy does not permanently alter the effects of liposuction surgery on a woman's body shape. A woman's body can return to the shape to given to her by liposuction surgery; all she has to do is lose weight after giving birth and the contours of her body will return to what they were after the liposuction surgery.

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