Buttock lift surgery

Buttocks lift is also known as ‘buttock lift surgery’ is a surgical procedure which is used to tighten the droopy or saggy buttocks. Now a day’s people are more concerned about the areas other than face. They want to look better by toning their body. As we grow older buttocks being loose and saggy. Women are more conscious about the size and shape of their buttocks. This can be improved by the technique of buttocks lift.

This procedure can be performed alone or with other operations such as a thigh lift and abdominoplasty. This process will improve the buttock and make it perfect.

A buttocks lift is done to remove the excess flesh from the buttock and make it firm and tight. It is a pure cosmetic plastic surgery which will tone and tight the buttock rather adds structure or volume to the backside.

It is very important to have realistic expectations of the procedure, before getting buttocks lift. A buttocks lift gives a sleeker, more toned appearance rather to add volume or shape.

Frequently asked questions?

How do I prepare for a buttock lift?

Preparing for your buttock lift includes discussing a number of questions about your health, desires and lifestyle with your plastic surgeon, including:

  1. Why you want the procedure, your expectations and desired outcome?
  2. Your medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments.
  3. Your use of current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.


  1. Buttock lift is a persistent surgical procedure which needed many incisions, general anesthesia and about four weeks in recovery time.
  2. It is normally performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.
  3. It involves removing the excess skin from the upper part of the buttocks which will lift the buttocks.
  4. Fat injections or implants are also used to lift the butts. The fat injections give butt more projection.
  5. In this way butt lifts work on the stretch marks followed by the child birth, cellulite and poor quality skin and makes it perfect.
  6. Procedure typically takes from between three and six hours.
  7. After the completion of the surgery, a sterile dressing is applied to the wounds and the patient is placed in a firm garment.


Ideal candidates of buttocks lift/butt lift are those who have loss of skin elasticity due to ageing and extreme weight loss. the sagginess in butt region is also due to hormonal changes. Thigh and the bottom appear lumpy dimpled or flabby due to burns, wounds and lack of exercise or cellulite.

Result and expectations

Patients are delighted with the outcome of the process and gain a feeling of greater than before self-confidence and get a more gratifying and toned buttocks and thigh contour. The results will lasts for longer but to maintain it regular exercise and good diets are also very important. Your expectations need to be realistic.

There may be mild discomfort and tightness in the buttock areas for the first 24-28 hours. The pain will be resolved extensively after some days.

Potential risks and complications

This is a safe procedure with very few complications. There is the rare chance of an infection developing or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. These can be controlled by medications, and they don't occur frequently.

In some cases, patients who undergo a buttocks lift may also experience some numbness or tightness that usually will disappear naturally over the recuperation period. Scarring is inevitable with buttock lift surgery. You’ll know before your surgery where the incisions and resulting scars will be, and you can discuss this with your plastic surgeon.


After the butt lift, the areas treated will be covered with bandages and compressing bands, so that the swelling is reduced. These will also support the new shape of your body until it is stronger.

During the first days after the surgery, there will be some swelling on the incision area, a discomfort feeling and other ailments which will be easily solved with cold compresses and medication. Apart from the medicines, he will also recommend certain cares and sleeping postures to avoid harming any internal stitches.

Usually, stitches are removed 7 to 15 days after the surgery. At that moment, you will be able to go back to work, as long as it does not involve any extreme efforts.

Healing will continue for several weeks as the swelling wears off and the incision lines improve. You must protect the incisions from the Sun and go to every control the doctor schedules until he tells you otherwise.

Frequently asked questions?

When can I do my normal activities again?

You will likely be able to return to work about one to two weeks after surgery, but patients usually need about six weeks before pursuing any strenuous activities. During the recovery process from buttock lift surgery it is important to be mobile to guarantee good circulation and promote healing.

How long can I expect my results to last?

The length of time your results will last is largely dependent on your lifestyle and health habits. By maintaining a proper diet and level of exercise, buttock lift results can easily last ten years or more. However, weight gain and aging may have adverse affects on the improvements provided by buttock lift surgery. To ensure a permanently enhanced shape it is essential to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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